Initial Assessment

£50 per hour assessment only or £55 for assessment and 2 classes

  • Assessments are not compulsory: If this is your first experience of Pilates or you have not been for a while, then you may find the assessment useful as an introduction or refresher to the principles of the technique. The assessment allows you to become familiar with the phrasing used within the classes, together with the introduction of postural alignment and the Pilates rest position.
  • During the assessment we can discuss any concerns you have about exercising. This will then allow me to tailor the classes to meet everyones needs.
  • After the assessment I will then prescribe an introductory home exercise program for you to practice prior to attending the class.
  • Assessments can be arranged in your own home at a mutually convenient time.
  • All equipment will be provided.

£8 per session: Booked in advance

  • To maximize the benefits from Pilates it is important to attend a regular and progressive course of exercises.
  • Classes are small with a maximum of 12, allowing me to monitor all of my clients throughout the session.
  • Classes are arranged in block bookings of approximately 4-6.
  • Any classes missed unfortunately cannot be refunded. Credit sessions for an alternative class will be offered where possible for absences, according to availability within the current block.
  • It is possible for new clients to join part way through a block depending on availability. New clients pay £7 for their first class prior to committing to a full course.
  • An enrolment form will need to be completed prior to starting.
    Download form here
  • Please consider that if you choose to "sit out" a block, your space will be offered to another client waiting to attend classes.
  • All equipment will be provided
1:1 follow up

£40 per 45 minutes

  • If group based exercise is not your scene or you feel you need extra attention then why not try a one to one session. These can be arranged in your own home at a mutually convenient time.
  • All equipment will be provided