Rehabilitation Pilates

Aiming to get you confident with exercising your body again, exercises can be adjusted to a level of difficulty that is appropriately challenging for you

One to One Sessions

Group exercise may not be your cup of tea or you may feel you need extra attention, why not try a one to one session.

Group Glasses

Attending a regular and progressive course of exercises allows you to maximize the benefits you gain from Pilates.

What is Pilates?

Through attending the class I maintain and improve core stability and improve left gluteal/hip function. Having a class run by a physio has been of enormous benefit. When I do something that causes an area to ‘complain’ Andy is able to pinpoint the error either in movement or body function and adjust the exercise to avoid pain / further injury and maximise positive effect. Only class I’ve ever stuck at so long!

Our Classes

New guidelines from the National Institute for Heath and Care Excellence (NICE) put exercise at the heart of managing low back pain. Click here to find out more